Equality and diversity in Yorkshire and the Humber

Fighting for equality in the workplace: Is that discrimination project

For more information about the project please visit: www.rcn.org.uk/isthatdiscrimination

Despite equalities legislation, which has outlawed discrimination in many areas of public life, research suggests that it is still alive and well in the workplace. Often taking covert and subtle forms, unlawful workplace discrimination has the power to disrupt and damage careers and frustrate ambitions. That's why the RCN Diversity Unit has developed a new three-year project to tackle workplace discrimination.

As part of our project, we're asking you to share your own experiences of workplace discrimination. This will help us build a powerful and interactive learning resource designed to help RCN members identify and challenge discrimination. Your experience can help others to find a positive and constructive way to tackle this issue. We really need to hear about your experience in order to build a useful resource so please do share your story confidentially with the diversity team at diversity.team@rcn.org.uk. We will always make sure that your personal details are safe and respect the privacy and dignity of others. We won't share your story with anyone unless you give us your express permission. For more information about the project please see the project pages.

Why not become a diversity champion?

RCN diversity champions push to achieve equality of opportunity and value diversity within their workplace - acting as leaders for diversity and equality. They are role models, taking actions when appropriate and addressing behaviours when necessary. They ask questions to check that diversity in its broadest sense is being recognised, understood and considered as integral to the decision making and evaluation processes. A good diversity champion doesn't need to know all the answers but needs to be prepared to spend some time developing their own personal competencies around diversity and equality issues.

Diversity champions:

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Yorkshire and the Humber region, along with the RCN's Diversity and Equality Unit support local diversity champions with weekly email updates, customised training and development as well as a monthly in-depth briefing on specific diversity and equality issues. Find out more about diversity champions or contact Adele Bird, Regional Membership Development Facilitator, at: adele.bird@rcn.org.uk.

RCN diversity toolkit

The RCN takes an innovative approach to sharing information. Find out more about the diversity toolkit.