RCN Fellows Co-ordinating Committee appointments 2011

The RCN Fellows Co-ordinating Committee works to improve standards of nursing care by influencing others through the RCN and other bodies that impact on health care.

If you are a fellow and would like to get involved in this important work, then why not apply to become a member of the committee? Committee members meet twice a year to discuss current nursing issues.

Between them the fellows hold a vast array of skills, knowledge and experience. The role of the committee is to ensure that the talent and expertise of the fellows is harnessed by the RCN to further develop nursing policy and practice and extend the influence of nurses and nursing. 

For example, RCN Fellows were consulted about the Prime Minister's commission for nursing and fed into this important document. The committee also input into the RCN’s position on assisted suicide.

Additionally, the committee organises the popular fellows' fringe events at Congress and the annual fellows' conference, bringing a unique perspective to contemporary health care matters.

The committee aspires to reflect the diversity of all the RCN fellows and looks for broadest mix of skills, experience and expertise. The application process will include a short interview at RCN HQ in London to help us do that.

Looking for a new convenor

The role of Convenor of Fellows is also becoming vacant this year. The convenor chairs committee meetings and helps ensure that fellows contribute to the professional work of the organisation through the new Council sub-committees and task and finish groups. The convenor acts as the link between the body of fellows and the College, and represents the fellows at key College events. 

If you would like to be considered for the role of convenor, please indicate this on the application form.

Role descriptions

Co-ordinating committee member: The co-ordinating committee was established five years ago. Five members plus the convenor make up the committee. The committee leads the agenda set by the body of fellows. Meetings often are linked with meeting senior College staff. The co-ordinating committee member:

Convenor of Fellows: The position of convenor was established in 1979 as a primus inter pares (indicating that while the convenor may lead the fellows the convenor is equal and not above other fellows). The convenor's role is multifaceted:

How to apply

Applications have now closed.

More information

If you have any questions about the appointments process, please email rcnappointments@rcn.org.uk