RCN History of Nursing Society appointments 2011

The deadline for applications to join the History of Nursing Society Steering Committee has now passed.

Purpose of the History of Nursing Society

There have been many developments in the field, both within the UK and at an international level. The establishment of the UK Centre for the History of Nursing over a decade ago, to support nurses who wanted to study the subject at a masters and doctorate level, has been paralleled by the interest and enthusiasm of nurses researching their own local history in the network of history societies that flourish across the UK.

There are over 700 members of the RCN History of Nursing Society, across the four countries of the UK, who want to learn more about their history and to promote awareness within the profession. We believe the history of nursing is wider than the study of nurse training and practise; it encompasses the experiences of individuals and groups, movements and organisations, religion and war, culture and gender, politics and social ideas.

Changes to the governance structure of the RCN mark a new era for the History of Nursing Society. The new Research and Development Governance Group positions the work of the society within the decision making of the RCN and provides an opportunity to highlight the contribution that the history of nursing can make to contemporary nursing research, education and practice. The Chair of the History of Nursing Society has a seat on this group.

In addition, the RCN Archivist has been appointed as the adviser to the society which will bring the work of the society and the archives together, providing opportunities for collaboration and involving members of the society in project work.