Candidate details - Jennifer O'Brien

Election: Northern

Seat: UK Steward Representative

Name: Jennifer O'Brien

Contact details: Jennifer_ob@hotmail.com

Biographical details

Nursing and academic qualifications held:
Cert Nursing
BA (Hons) Business Studies

RCN activities over the past ten years:
Treasurer in Tees Branch 2006-2008

Election statement

I have been nursing now for 20 years and have always been interested in promoting the value of nurses and nursing. In my last 6 years as an RCN Steward I have been able to keep my employers aware of the importance of nursing to the NHS Blood and Transplant and also to communicate the bigger picture of what’s going on in the wider organisation and the world of nursing to my colleagues. I really see my role as a communicator passing information, and therefore helping to solve problems, both up and down my organisation and to and from the wider RCN.

If I was elected to the Northern Board as a representative of the UK Stewards Committee I could further help with sharing information, concerns and problems of members in order to promote nurses and nursing and to ensure quality care for all users of health care services.