Candidate details - Stuart Young

Election: Student Member of Council

Name: Stuart Young

Contact details: swayoung@googlemail.com or stuart.young@students.bcu.ac.uk

Branch of nursing/midwifery being undertaken and course:
Diploma of Higher Education – Nursing – Adult Branch

Election statement

I am currently completing my second year of a diploma in nursing, specialising in adult branch modules.

Over the last two years it has been my privilege to have been the West Midlands representative on the Executive Committee of the Association of Nursing Students, and Consultant Editor of the ANSwer magazine, these two roles have allowed me to learn and see firsthand the trials, tribulations and successes all nursing and midwifery students encounter on a daily basis from across the four countries.

Within these positions I have taken part in helping to draft the NMC Guidance on professional conduct for students, and the Department of Health framework on preceptorship within England; I have attended the Prime Ministers Commission on the future of healthcare, and the bursary consultation.  All these areas of work have been a strong foundation to build a better future for nursing and midwifery students and newly qualified alike. I would like to take the knowledge and experience I have gained to give you a clear voice on RCN council, within the RCN, the wider community and the general public.

If elected I will continue to be an advocate for and to promote students nationally, to make our voices heard.

We are the future of healthcare, the future of health promotion, the future of our professions along with being part of the team delivering quality care on wards today.

Have a really good summer, good luck to those of you who qualify in the autumn.