Election of RCN Officers 2011

Results for the RCN Council Officers elections are listed on this page.  You can also view the independent scrutineers report [PDF 386KB].

Election results:

Chair of Council
- Kath McCourt.  18 votes.  Elected.
- Ann Marie O'Neill.  10 votes.

Vice Chair of Council
- Michael Brown.  17 votes.  Elected.
- David Harding-Price.  3 votes.
- Ian Norris.  8 votes.

Honorary Treasurer
- Andrew McGovern. Elected unopposed.

Chair of Nursing Practice and Policy Committee
- Hamish Kemp.  12 votes.
- Ian Norris.  16 votes.  Elected.

Chair of Membership and Representation Committee
- David Miller.  8 votes.
- Anne Wells.  20 votes.  Elected.

Chair of Governance Support Committee
- Sandra James.  22 votes.  Elected.
- Mike Travis.  6 votes.

Chair of Business Committee
- Michael Brown.  6 votes.
- Andrew McGovern.  22 votes.  Elected.

 The term of office for each role will be two years, from 27 October 2011 up to and including the annual general meeting in 2013. This election was overseen by the independent scrutineers, Electoral Reform Services Ltd.