Catherine McGarrigle

Nominated by: Sarah McGregor and Hayley Mitchell

I am currently in my second year of training as a student nurse, at the University of Chester. I have a background in management and health related project implementation from which I have acquired confidence in communication and leadership. I became a student academic representative for my cohort in year one and remain in this role to date, liaising between my peers and the faculty through formal planned meetings, as well as unplanned occasions directing queries or urgent issues as they arise. I am down to earth, approachable and definitely a team player, committed to collective outcomes as much as my own personal goals. 

As a student member, I have attended RCN Congress in Liverpool 2011 and Harrogate 2012 and have gained a greater insight to the Royal College of Nursing and how they communicate nursing issues as they arise. During the recent 2012 congress, there was a greater sense of involvement for students, as we were welcomed from a professional and educational perspective. I would like to be involved with this continuing into future events, including Liverpool 2013. After discussing the role of council member with current RCN representatives during the last congress, I feel I could provide a committed point of contact and representation for a wider group.

Published as written by the candidate.