Board meeting minutes

The Northern Ireland Board of the Royal College of Nursing meets quarterly. Minutes of Board meetings are published as soon as they have been approved by the Board, which is normally at the next Board meeting.

Minutes are available for download below.

September 2011 (Word 69.2KB)

January 2012 (Word 69.2KB)

April 2012 (Word 72.5KB)

June 2012 (Word 65.7KB)

September 2012 (Word 72.1KB)

January 2013 (Word 67.8KB)

March 2013 (Word 65.9KB)

June 2013 (Word 65.4KB)

September 2013 (Word 70KB)

January 2014 (Word 65.3KB)

February 2014 (Word 57.8KB)

March 2014 (Word 67.4KB)

May 2014 (Word 65.2KB)

September 2014 (Word 69.7KB)

November 2014 (Word 62.1KB) 

February 2015 (Word 33.7KB) 

April 2015 (Word 31.1KB) 

June 2015 (Word 35KB)