Director's office

Director, RCN Northern Ireland: Janice Smyth: email: janice.smyth@rcn.org.uk

Executive Assistant to the Director, RCN Northern Ireland: Fiona Adair: email: fiona.adair@rcn.org.uk

Corporate services

Business Manager: Joy Ireland: email: joy.ireland@rcn.org.uk

Corporate Services Team Leader: Fionnuala Newton: email fionnuala.newton@rcn.org.uk

Corporate Services Team Administrator: Anna-Marie Boyd: email: anna-marie.boyd@rcn.org.uk

Corporate Services Team Administrator: Katherine Donnelly: email: katherine.donnelly@rcn.org.uk

Corporate Services Team Administrator: Claire Morrissey: email: claire.morrissey@rcn.org.uk

Receptionist: Claire Lavery: email: claire.lavery@rcn.org.uk.

Library and Information Zone

Library and Information Zone Team Leader: Pauline Moore: email: pauline.moore@rcn.org.uk

Library and Information Zone Officer: John Rainey: email: john.rainey@rcn.org.uk

Professional Development

Head of Professional Development: Carolyn Mason: email: carolyn.mason@rcn.org.uk

Secretary to the Head of Professional Development: Siobhan McNally: email siobhan.mcnally@rcn.org.uk

Senior Professional Development Officer: Rita Devlin: email rita.devlin@rcn.org.uk

Senior Professional Development Officer: Dolores McCormick: email dolores.mccormick@rcn.org.uk

Senior Professional Development Officer: Linzi McIlroy: email: linzi.mcilroy@rcn.org.uk 

Professional development Adminisistrator: Naomi Mercer: email naomi.mercer@rcn.org.uk

Communications and Marketing

Head of Communications, Policy and Marketing: John Knape: email: john.knape@rcn.org.uk

Media and Marketing Officer: Lisa Holden: email: lisa.holden@rcn.org.uk

Marketing Support Officer: Claire McQuillan: email: claire.mcquillan@rcn.org.uk

Employment Relations

Deputy Director and Senior Officer, Employment Relations: Garrett Martin: email: garrett.martin@rcn.org.uk

PA to the Deputy Director and Senior Officer Employment Relations, and Office Manager, Employment Relations Department: Edna Colhoun: email: edna.colhoun@rcn.org.uk

Senior RCN Officer (South Eastern and Southern branches): Fiona Carroll: email: fiona.carroll@rcn.org.uk

Employment Relations Administrator (South Eastern and Southern branches): Anne McLoughlin: email: anne.mcloughlin@rcn.org.uk

Senior RCN Officer (Belfast branch): Marie McAteer: email: marie.mcateer@rcn.org.uk

Employment Relations Administrator (Belfast branch): Dawn Gaw: email:  dawn.gaw@rcn.org.uk

Senior RCN Officer (North Western and South Western branches): Dessie Lowry: email: desmond.lowry@rcn.org.uk

Employment Relations Administrator (North Western and South Western branches): Dawn Gaw: email:  dawn.gaw@rcn.org.uk

Senior RCN Officer (Northern branch): Stephen McSherry: email: stephen.mcsherry@rcn.org.uk

Employment Relations Administrator (Northern branch): Anna McConnell: email: anna.mcconell@rcn.org.uk

Learning and Development Facilitator: Cathy Pugh: email: cathy.pugh@rcn.org.uk