RCN Royal Charter and standing orders

The RCN was first granted a Royal Charter in 1928. On this page you can read the Royal Charter and standing orders.

Royal Charter

The RCN Royal Charter lays out the aims of the College and how it works.

Standing orders

The standing orders show how the College works to fulfil the aims of the Royal Charter.


Our regulations comprise the policies and procedures of the RCN which implement the provisions in the standing orders.

The regulations are being updated and developed over time, and replace the previous RCN rules.  A copy of the rules remains here until all the new regulations are complete.


These are the current rules of the RCN. They are currently under review and will be replaced with a new set of regulations, designed to implement the provisions of the Royal Charter and standing orders.

We understand that some people require information in alternative formats. We are happy to supply any of the documents on this page in the format that best suits you (for example large print, serif font or sans serif font). Please email stephanie.wilson@rcn.org.uk or phone 020 7647 3642.