RCN Ethics Committee

The purpose of the Ethics Committee is to provide guidance to the nursing profession on ethical issues.

The Ethics Committee does not consider or discuss individual cases.

The Committee advises you to consult the NMC code in the first instance.

You could also be able to get support from:

RCN Direct advice service

If you find that your case could be clarified by legal or employment advice, please contact RCN Direct. This flagship information and advice helpline is open seven days a week, 365 days a year from 8.30am to 8.30pm - 0345 772 6100. Advice is also available through the RCN Direct online advice page.

RCN counselling service

The RCN counselling service is also based at RCN Direct. To access the service please telephone the counselling line on 0345 769 7064.  An initial assessment appointment can then be made for you with an RCN counsellor. Visit the counselling service page for more information.

Whistle blowing

If you are considering whistle blowing, please refer to your organisational policy in the first instance and the NMC guidance on Raising and escalating concerns. The RCN also offers a whistle blowing hotline, however, this is not a substitute for you reporting the issue to your employer or other relevant body.

Media contact

If you are a journalist seeking further information, interviews or illustrations, please contact our Press office

RCN ethical impact assessment tool

Please follow this link to access the RCN ethical impact assessment tool