Forums Governance Group

This group acts as a regulatory mechanism for RCN Forums, making sure that good governance practices are adhered to, that the voice of the forums is heard by NPPC and Council, and that the work of the forums helps the RCN meet its strategic objectives. The committee reports to NPPC.

The members of the committee are:     

  • Rachael Greaves (Council member) - Chair
  • Professor Michael Brown
  • Tara Bartley FRCN
  • Major Chris Carter
  • Lorraine Hicking-Woodison
  • Professor Janet Marsden FRCN
  • Mary Shaw
  • Jason Warriner
  • Peter Walsh (Council member)   
  • Sue Warner (Council member)                         

View the register of interests for the Forums Governance Group members.

If you have any queries please contact governance.support@rcn.org.uk.