HCAs and APs gather together to celebrate a successful CongressRCN Health Practitioner Committee

The committee provides a voice for the health care assistant and assistant practitioner members of the RCN and will report through the health practitioner council members, to RCN council. It considers issues of importance to HCAs and APs, promotes their role in the College and influences policy.

For more information on HCAs and APs in relation to the RCN, please visit the Health care assistants (HCAs) page.

Your local health practitioner representatives

Council members

 England members

Northern Ireland member

Scotland member

Wales member

Further details and the terms of reference will be available shortly.

Electing the committee

Elected members of the health practitioner committee must be a member of the RCN health practitioner (HP) constituency and there shall be no more than 14 members of the committee constituted as follows:

The term of office for each representative is normally four years.

For more details on vacancies for this committee, please visit the elections and appointments pages.

If you have any queries, please contact governance.support@rcn.org.uk