RCN Wales branches

There are 7 branches in Wales which are the focus of local RCN activity. Every member of the RCN is affiliated to their local branch. So whatever sector or environment you work in you have one easy link to the organisation and to other members.

Branch members’ meetings are your chance to influence and contribute to the activities of the RCN in your area, to raise and discuss issues that are important to you and your colleagues and to have your say about RCN policy.

All branches have a yearly plan of proposed activities and events. In addition to holding member meetings and coordinating regional responses to the challenges facing nurses and nursing, branches often organise learning events on a range of nursing issues.

Everything branches do is organised and promoted by members just like you. There are many ways to get involved from agreeing to put up posters in your area, helping to staff recruitment and engagement events or signing up to be an RCN representative or branch committee member. More than anything branches need members to get involved so whether you want to check out the learning offer available in your area or suggest the next RCN campaign, follow the link to your branch page and see what is happening locally, or contact your branch secretary to find out how to get involved.

Take a look at your branch page and contact the representatives in your area for more detail on any of the above: