Clinical Nurse Specialist Award

Specialist Nurses can be found in all areas of clinical practice. They may be deemed specialists by virtue of the fact that they are practising at an advanced level in their clinical speciality or by virtue of the fact that they practise in a specific area of clinical care. These roles are typified by the use of advance communication skills and significant teaching and support roles. Clinical Nurse Specialists often undertake advanced medication management roles or are involved in organising complex care pathways. They may also have an important role in coordinating care and providing patients with access to other health and social services. Patients with long term conditions frequently identify Specialist Nurses as amongst the most important members of the multidisciplinary team.

About the award: This award is open to Specialist Nurses who have applied advance nursing practice to make significant improvements in patient care, including changes that lead to innovative programmes of care.

Download the nomination form for the Clinical Nurse Specialist Award 2013 (190KB) See how to access PDF files.


This award is sponsored by Novartis.