UK countries, regions and Council

How we are structured

The RCN's structure broadly reflects political - in terms of the UK, national and regional government - and NHS structures throughout the UK. This allows us to influence government and health policy at UK, nationals and local levels.

We are comprised of 12 geographical sections which has its own governing body known as a Board with powers delegated from the UK Council. Within each section there are a number of branches, based on a geographical area or workplace and on joining members are automatically allocated to the RCN branch based on where they work.

Members in each section can then vote to elect two members to RCN Council and the board then elects one of these Council members as board chair for a two year term.

We are comprised of 12 geographical sections: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and nine regional sections in England. They are (click on the link for further information):

RCN Northern Ireland
RCN Scotland
RCN Wales

RCN East Midlands region
RCN Eastern region
RCN London region
RCN North West region
RCN Northern region
RCN South East region
RCN South West region
RCN West Midlands region
RCN Yorkshire & the Humber region

RCN Council

RCN Council is the organisation's governing body, and it is responsible for making policy and shaping the future work of the organisation. It consists of 29 elected members representing three national boards in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, nine boards in England and the RCN's student membership - find out more.