Nursing communities

Your nursing communities have been designed to empower you to share information and good practice using bespoke communications tools. Each community will facilitate simple and easy interaction between members who are interested in a particular subject, maintain an informational resource about the subject and allow better communication with the RCN.

Communities are essentially social networking websites transferred to a professional environment. Your RCN nursing community might be:

  • one of the RCN forum communities
  • a group of RCN members with a common nursing specialty
  • RCN members with a geographical grouping
  • a member group united by a common issue or campaign.

Most crucially, the community editors are taken on a voluntary basis from our membership.  Editors are able to update the live website with content and information that they receive from their community. The RCN webteam will support you in this endeavour, both editorially and technically; therefore ensuring that content is member-defined and more relevant to community members.

The RCN aims to encourage many of these communities to develop and flourish over time in order to reflect the professional standing of the RCN. However, in order to do both those things, a number of processes and safeguards have to be implemented. Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for communities for further information.