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Health care assistants (HCAs) and assistant practitioners (APs) are hugely valued members of the RCN and the nursing team. Although there are a wide range of titles used to describe these roles, we have chosen to encompass all of these under the titles HCA and AP.

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HCAs and APs in all areas of nursing support people in making changes to their lifestyle and behaviour, from adopting a healthier lifestyle to empowering individuals to managing their own health.
The RCN resource to help staff support people with behaviour and lifestyle change is now available on the CPD area of the RCN web site and is an open access resource for anyone involved in supporting lifestyle and behaviour change. Find out more.

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Royal Assent has now been granted to the Care Act, which means that the Care Certificate, originally recommended by Camilla Cavendish in her 2013 review into health care assistants and support workers, will become mandatory in 2015. Find out more.

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Health care support workers can join the RCN in our health practitioner membership category, and enjoy the huge range of benefits on offer. Find out more and urge your colleagues to join today.


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