AllergyWise online anaphylaxis training and resources for health care professionals

"AllergyWise online anaphylaxis training and resources for health care professionals"
OrganisationThe Anaphylaxis Campaign
Type of resourceeLearning
Date accredited23/07/2010
Accredited until07/07/2016
SpecialismPublic health
Title of resourceAllergyWise online anaphylaxis training and resources for health care professionals
SynopsisOnline anaphylaxis training for health care professionals
Link to websitehttp://www.anaphylaxis.org.uk/living-with-anaphylaxis/allergywise
Contact nameFiona Keown
Telephone number01252 546100
Contact emailallergywise@anaphylaxis.org.uk


AllergyWise health care professionals version – RCN accredited: six study hours

This AllergyWise online anaphylaxis training enables users to improve their knowledge through self-directed study, wherever and whenever it suits them, within their two-month licence period.

The first part of the course emphasises the key messages of how to recognise the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction and how to avoid allergen exposure. It also gives comprehensive advice on what to do if a reaction does occur. The second part of the course provides health care trainers with help and advice on how to run their own anaphylaxis training in schools and early years’ settings.

In addition to the online course, students on the AllergyWise health care professionals programme will receive a printed resource pack which includes a PowerPoint presentation, speaker notes, handouts and trainer pens.

The AllergyWise online course includes some module quizzes and assessments and an RCN certificate will be issued to those who complete the course satisfactorily.

The AllergyWise training programme has been written by Sue Clarke, Nurse Adviser to The Anaphylaxis Campaign, who developed the original AllergyWise school nurse training programme. The online AllergyWise anaphylaxis training is also recommended as a refresher for those who have previously undertaken anaphylaxis training.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course you will have: 

For pricing information please visit www.anaphylaxis.org.uk/living-with-anaphylaxis/allergywise. This course can now be purchased online and an invoice can be requested if necessary, please telephone The Anaphylaxis Campaign on 01252 546100 for more information.

Study hours: six.