This page forms part of the Transcultural Health resource, published in 2004, and is preserved as a historical document for reference purposes only. Some information contained within it may no longer refer to current practice.


Professor Charles Husband, University of Bradford, was awarded funding from the ENB/GNC to develop and evaluate educational materials to promote transcultural competence in nurse education and practice. The project was undertaken in collaboration with De Montfort University and the 1990 Trust.

The Project Team includes Professor Charles Husband (Director) and Bren Torry (Research Fellow) from University of Bradford, and Karen Chouhan, formerly from De Montfort University, now Director of The 1990 Trust.

The project was initially overseen by The ENB, but later merged with the R&D section of the Department of Health following the ENB closure.

The Project Team wish to acknowledge the following Steering Group Committee Members for their support, commitment and input to this project:

  • Professor J Filkins (Chair), St Martin's College, Lancaster
  • Professor E Anionwu, Thames Valley University
  • Mr H Aumeer, ENB
  • Dr S Crow, ENB
  • Professor J Hooper, GNC
  • Dr P Iganski, University of Essex
  • Mrs N Ishmael, Department of Health
  • Ms V Mayor, City University
  • Mr T Moore, Welsh National Board
  • Dr Z Nadirshaw, Kensington & Chelsea NHS PCT Trust
  • Dr R Papadopoulos, Middlesex University
  • Ms M Thomas, ENB
  • Dr J Wilkinson, Department of Health

The Project Team would also like to acknowledge and give special thanks to Professor J Filkins, Dr S Crow and Mrs N Ishmael for the hard work, dedication and support they each provided for this project.

Thanks is also given for contributions to the project by Dr Leslie Hughes, University of Hull and Professor Pope, University of Surrey.

Thanks is also given to Mrs N Rowlands, Welsh National Board and Mr D Sookhoo, Thames Valley University for their contributions.

Finally, particular recognition is given to all the participants of the project who took time to read and use the materials, providing valuable feedback for the purpose of educational development.