Following our Fresh Start project we are developing key products you told us were a priority.

Briefings for executive nurses, covering national policies and events

Visit policy briefings to find documents from the RCN policy team to help you better understand and engage in the process of policy development. There are briefings covering a wide range of issues that affect nurses and nursing. The policy team works proactively with a range of governmental and non-governmental organisations to analyse, understand, and influence the development of health and social care policy.

Online forum for sharing intelligence and best practice.

You can find out further details in  have your say.

Brokerage from RCN country/regional directors for nurse leaders in challenging times

As a nurse leader, and as a member of the RCN, you are entitled to brokerage from one of our RCN country/regional directors. They are senior members of staff who can look at your case and support you throughout the process. Senior nurses who would like to secure representation and support from the RCN should first contact the relevant country/regional director for an informal conversation. The country/regional director will then be able to facilitate appropriate representation.

To find out the name and contact details of your country/regional director, please contact RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100.

If you are not a member of the RCN, and would like to join, find out how in how to join.

Professional development

The professional development page includes further ways in which the RCN can help and support you with your professional development. The RCN Consultancy Service can also offer lots of professional development opportunities for you and your team.

External resources

The King's Fund have produced two documents that you should find of interest.

A programme of work developed by The King's Fund, in partnership with the Burdett Trust for Nursing, has focused on the role of nurse executives in helping boards to assure themselves of the quality of clinical care. Based on observations at seven pilot sites, the From Ward to Board report suggests there are valuable lessons to be learnt about the role and attributes of the nurse executive, but also lessons about the structure, processes and behaviours of boards. 

As part of the From Ward to Board project, The King's Fund and Burdett Trust for Nursing have produced an Executive Nursing Handbook which will help nurses make the transition to the role of executive nurse.

You can download a copy of both of these documents from The King's Fund website.