Purpose and objectives



The communities linked to this forum are:

Achievements 2013

Guidance and Competencies

RCN Representation

• Human Tissue Association research profile strategic network
• European Medicine Association medicine review
• Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists Pain assessment group – Bernie Carter
• European Society of Paediatric Neonatal Intensive Care, Paediatric Oncology Nurses Forum, Paediatric Nursing Association of Europe, Paediatric Advanced Nursing Group
• British Pain Society chronic pain in childhood
• National Institute for Health and Care Excellence febrile illness, bronchiolitis
• British National Formulary steering group – Jessica Higson 

Key objectives


Objective 1: Establish awareness of forum existence through website and newsletters

Objective 2: Engage forum members in meaningful activity

Objective 3: Establish priority issues that will shape and drive nursing practice and identify 2-3 key issues to take forward as project bids

Objective 4: To complete a successful collaborative forum project bid by the end of 2012.  

 Plan for 2013-2014:


Explore ways to inform research and NICE guidance

Explore ways to publicise the REAL role of the children’s nurse today.

Children and young people field of practice and communities