Emergency Nurse Journal

Emergency Nurse is affiliated with the Emergency Care Association.

Aims and Scope

Emergency NurseWritten to keep readers up to date with the most important new treatment methods and techniques, Emergency Nurse is the most widely read and referenced journal in emergency nursing in the UK.

Readers will find peer-reviewed articles on the latest clinical innovations and best practice guidelines, as well as coverage of management and education issues. 

Feature articles cover relevant issues that directly help in your day-to-day work and career progression.

The journal also contains a round up of all the latest news and research findings.

Emergency Nurse will be of special interest to:

  • nurses in all unscheduled and emergency care settings
  • emergency nurse practitioners
  • emergency care consultant nurses
  • minor injury nurses
  • walk-in centre nurses
  • NHS Direct and NHS24 Nurses
  • armed forces and Territorial Army nurses

The journal is published 10 times a year.

Subscription queries

If you wish to subscribe, update your address or/delivery details, or have any queries regarding your subscription please email our subscription department direct at rcndirectjournalsteam@rcn.org.uk or call 0845 772 6100.

For further information or to subscribe, visit Emergency Nurse.