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Published: 08 October 2013

Claire Taylor, Macmillan Lead Nurse in colorectal cancer, North West London Hospitals Trust, highlights the work of the National Colorectal Cancer Nurses Network (NCCNN).

Are you a member of the NCCNN? Would you like to be?

Established in 1997, the NCCNN membership is available free of charge to all nurses specialising in colorectal cancer nursing. We have an annual network meeting with an aim to update network members about specific issues in current colorectal cancer nursing practice. These meetings complement the existing coloproctology conferences/educational events on offer, remaining focused purely on colorectal cancer nursing. The meetings are informative yet informal, allowing for discussion about topical issues and opportunity for networking. For the last two years, these meetings have kindly been supported by Beating Bowel Cancer, which hosts a webpage on the NCCNN website.

The network helps to create and maintain our unique but also collective identity. It’s hoped that members will collaborate and contribute to projects and policy/practice developments initiated within the speciality, thereby developing our knowledge base and raising the profile of colorectal cancer nursing.

Get in touch

If you haven’t previously been a member of the network and would like to be, then please send an email to our Secretariat with your name, post-holder title, place of work and email address so we can correspond with you in future.

And for those who are already members...

Since we are keen to ensure that our current membership is as inclusive and up to date as possible, we would like existing members to also reply and confirm membership, providing us with your preferred email address for future correspondence.