Creating consensus

Published: 08 October 2013

Nurses ECCO Chair Marian O’Connor discusses how the group created consensus statements on the ‘ideal minimum standards’ for IBD nursing roles throughout Europe.

Nurses ECCO (N-ECCO) is a recognised part of the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO), which provides nurses from across Europe access to IBD-focused education and networking opportunities. The group has always recognised the variances in nursing roles across Europe in terms of payment, level of responsibility and roles. However, to better understand the roles that nurses undertake in caring for patients with IBD across Europe, N-ECCO distributed a survey at the N-ECCO Meeting and School in Barcelona in 2012. The survey was completed by almost 200 nurses from across Europe and divided into ‘demographics’, ‘education’ and ‘professional roles’ sections.  Information from the survey was used to develop a consensus (through a consensus group) on the ideal or minimum standard of nursing care that patients with IBD should receive, irrespective of country-specific variances. 

N-ECCO is fortunate to have 20 nurses with a wealth of experience in IBD clinical care and research who have been involved in the consensus statements. Developing the consensus statements required a systematic review of the literature, followed by scripting of the statement and supporting text. The group met face to face twice, in June 2012, following the initial literature searches to draft statements and supporting texts and then in November 2012, to vote and agree on the final consensus statements. 
N-ECCO anticipates that the consensus statements will be utilised to inform nurses, and in time, perhaps be applied to develop the roles of nurses within IBD. Access the N-ECCO consensus statements.