European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates

Published: 20 January 2013

European Society of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Nurses and Associates (ESGENA)

ESGENA and the Dutch Society of Endoscopy and GE Nurses and Assistants (V&VN Maag Darm Lever) held the 16th ESGENA Conference, during the 20th UEGW from Saturday October 20 until Monday October 22 2012, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The aims of ESGENA are:
   * to provide a channel for communication between staff working in gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing on a European level
   * to stimulate European collaboration in nursing research in order to improve quality of care
   * to provide educational opportunities for staff working in gastroenterology and endoscopy nursing
   * to promote a recognised qualification in gastroeneterology and endoscopy nursing on a European level
   * to promote co-operation with other professional groups with compatible aims
   * to advance the professional status of gastroenterology and endoscopy jurses and endoscopy associates on a European level
   * to represent the interests of its members in the European Society of Gastroenterology Endoscopy (ESGE).

Amsterdam provided a wonderful setting for the conference, with a wide variety of talks and workshops there was something for everyone.  There were even hands on endoscopy sessions using models if nurses wanted to have a try at their own endoscopy skills.

There is great variety of standards in Europe where only a few have nurse endoscopists, which differs greatly to the UK where nurse endoscopists are seen an integral part of endoscopy service delivery.

There was also access to the postgraduate teaching sessions and to the main conference that started on the Sunday.

To access more information on ESGENA please visit their website at www.esgena.org where you can access their guidelines; events; curriculum and much more.

Irene Dunkley