New Nurse Adviser - JP Nolan introduces himself

Published: 14 November 2012

I was delighted to be appointed Nurse Adviser in Acute, Emergency and Critical Care at RCN. I’m particularly pleased that as part of my role I will have the opportunity to work with the acute sector forums.

The forums are where the expertise of nursing in the UK sits and add the clinical and professional weight to everything the RCN does. The acute sector forums include you in the Perioperative Forum and the Emergency Care, Critical Care and In-flight Nursing, Imaging Nursing, and Defence Nursing forums and the Society of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing. I hope that during the year ahead I will be able to facilitate advances in professional practice in perioperative nursing by directly representing you within the College.

Having worked for a time during my career in theatre I appreciate the complexities of the environment. I also know that you have a keen insight into the overall journey that your patient takes from referral, through pre-assessment, admission, induction, surgery, recovery and transfer to discharge and rehabilitation. The work of the Perioperative Forum aims to be as patient-centred as possible considering this journey.

From discussing your strategic plan with your committee it is clear that the forum’s profile in this area will be raised over the coming years. The RCN aims to ensure that all forums produce products which are unique, of a high quality, impact patient care and most impartially meet needs defined by members.

I hope that by working together we can establish the RCN Perioperative Forum as a leading voice in UK perioperative practice.