Public Health Forum

The public health forum is one of the many RCN nursing communities. It is for anyone whose role includes supporting the improvement of the public’s health. RCN members cross nearly every area of nursing practice and specialist areas from those working in community nursing teams such as district nurses, health visitors and school nurses to occupational health nurses and those with a more specialist roles working in, for example; sexual health, health protection, tuberculosis treatment and prevention, immunisation and travel health.

The forum is open for all RCN members to join. To sign up, see: MyRCN.  

The public health forum steering committee works to coordinate and promote public health initiatives across the RCN. For more information, see: Meet the team. The committee is supported by the Public Health Professional Lead who works within the nursing team as part of the wider RCN nursing department. See: Nursing Department nurse advisers

There is a dedicated section of the website under the nursing practice issues area related to public health nursing which has a wide range of information and resources: See: Public health.


Strategy Planning

Each year the Public Health Forum steering committee meets to review work undertaken in the last year and plan work for the next 12 - 18 months.  The notes of the last strategy meeting highlight some of the successes over the year and also the priorities for the next year.  The forum works with a number of other RCN forums, professional groups and public health organisations to ensure that public health nurses are represented at all levels alongside promoting the specialism of public health.

Public Health Strategy Day - Notes - 8 June 2015 PDF (191KB)


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