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Welcome to the RCN Women's Health Forum.

If you're not yet a member of the Women's Health Forum, what are you waiting for? RCN members can join forums free of charge, and benefits include regular e-newsletters from the forum keeping you up to date on topics such as good practice and forthcoming events. Each forum also has its own area on the RCN's Discussion Zone where you can network with others in your specialty. To join just call RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100 - option 1.

The Women’s Health Forum

RCN Forums are networks of RCN members with a particular nursing specialty or with like interests. They enable members of the nursing team to come together and help to shape the world of nursing practice and policy.

We cover a wide range of health issues which impact particularly on women health throughout their life, from adolescence to old age.

We aim to advocate for women’s health and for the professionals delivering that heath care.

We wish to be as inclusive as possible, whilst working collaboratively with the wider health and social care team

We recognise the diversity of needs and expectations associated with delivering a high quality, humanistic approach to health, and hope to empower women, from a personal heath perspective, to access the best available healthcare.

We also represent the RCN’s pool of professional expertise and knowledge.  All RCN members, including students and health care practitioners, can join us, and help to make a positive difference in shaping policy and practice around some aspects of women’s health. 

Forums work to develop nursing policy and practice - and ultimately to improve care - in many ways. Forum projects include:

• developing guidance and competence for nursing staff
• carrying out research to advance and enhance practice
• working with other organisations to develop national guidance and policy
• organising conferences to spread good practice.

Steering committees carry out this work through funding allocated by the Forums Governance Group. This group ensures that the work of the forums helps the RCN meet its strategic objectives. 

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