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This learning area has been compiled from a range of evidence. You may now be motivated to go deeper into the topic so a range of different resources are listed below and wherever possible we have tried to create direct links to them. Where direct linking is not possible we provide information on where sources can be accessed. These listings will get you started and as a lifelong learner you will be able to identify other sources beyond these that are specifically relevant to you.

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These resources are available online or to borrow for RCN members 

Barlow D (2011) Sexually transmitted infections: the facts, Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Available as an e-Book).

Belfield T, Matthews P and Moss C (2011) The handbook of sexual health in primary care (third edition), London: FPA.

French K (editor) (2009) Sexual health, Chichester: Blackwell. (Available as an e-Book).

Rogstad K (2011) ABC of sexually transmitted infection, Chichester: BMJ Books. (Available as an e-Book).

Royal College of Physicians of London (2011) Alcohol and sex: a cocktail for poor sexual health (PDF 604KB), London: RCP.

Serrant-Green L and McLuskey J (2008) The sexual health of men, Abingdon: Radcliffe.

Journal articles

Full text journal articles are available to RCN members. 

Briggs P (2010) Strategies for discussing sex with teenagers, Practice Nursing, 21 (2), February, pp.71-75.

Evans D and Stapley L (2010) Sexual health issues in men, part 1, Practice Nurse, 40 (5), September, pp.30-34.

Evans D  and Stapley L (2010) Sexual health issues in men, part 2, Practice Nurse, 40 (6), October, pp.33-36.

Peate I (2012) Sexually transmitted infections in older people: the community nurse's role, British Journal of Community Nursing, 17 (3), March, pp.112-118.

Peate I (2011) Managing sexually transmitted infections, Practice Nursing, 22 (6), June, pp.285-290.

Ripley V (2011) Promoting sexual health in women who have sex with women, Nursing Standard, 25 (51), 24 August, pp.41-46.

Saunamaki N, Andersson M and Engstrom M (2010) Discussing sexuality with patients: nurses' attitudes and beliefs, Journal of Advanced Nursing, 66 (6), June, pp.1308-1316.

Lowry J (2010) Raising awareness of the risk of sexually transmitted infection among overseas travellers, Nursing Times, March,106 (8), pp.20-22. (Not available as an e-journal article – request photocopies from UK library  the RCN Library and Heritage Centre).


BBC Science: The silent spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

British Pregnancy Advisory Service - BPAS

Family Planning Association - FPA

Marie Stopes International - MSI

Rape Crisis (England and Wales)

Rape Crisis (Scotland)

Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre (Northern Ireland)

Crisis Point - your nearest SARC in England and Wales

NHS Choices - for a wide selection of sexual health topics on STIs; men's sexual health; sexual health for gay/lesbian/bisexual people; young people; and older people.

The Site: Sex and disability

England - chlamydia testing and cervical cancer screening

Scotland - chlamydia testing and cervical cancer screening

Wales - chlamydia testing and cervical cancer screening

Northern Ireland - chlamydia testing (PDF 283KB) and cervical cancer screening

Sexual Advice Association

Sexual Health Scotland

RCN publications and resources

Royal College of Nursing (2009) Sexual health competencies: an integrated career and competency framework for sexual and reproductive health nursing across the UK (PDF 987KB), London: RCN.

RCN website: Nursing practice issues - Principles of Nursing Practice