RCN Learning Zone

The RCN Learning Zone is a web-based resource that supports the professional development of RCN members and the work of RCN Activists. All the learning within the Learning Zone is delivered in bite-sized chunks. The learning is structured to allow you to dip in and out as and when you need it. As you work through each area you are encouraged to add material to your professional portfolio on how you are updating your knowledge and skills.

The following eHealth-related content is available from the Learning Zone:

Information disclosure (Clinical Skills) - this learning opportunity provides guidance on confidentiality, as well as why, when and how you should and should not share information with others.

Telehealth Explained (Clinical Skills) - this resource aims to help members develop an understanding of telehealth and what is involved in implementing telehealth in practice.

How Trustworthy is your information? (Personal Skills) - this learning area will show you how to evaluate health information in order to access the right information at the right time to support your practice.

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