This page forms part of the Irritable bowel syndrome resource, published in 2010, and is preserved as an historical document for reference purposes only. Some information contained within it may no longer refer to current practice.

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A learning opportunity on the subject of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has been developed primarily for registered nurses and health care assistants (HCAs) working in primary care settings. It is also relevant to HCAs, student nurses and many registered nurses across all health care settings who provide care for people who may be or are known to be suffering from IBS. View the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) learning opportunity

The focus of this resource is on understanding and implementing the recommendations from NICE clinical guideline 61: Irritable bowel syndrome in adults into nursing practice. This animation of the anatomy of the gut is a sample of the materials in the Learning Zone resource.

The resource includes links to practical support for members to implement this guideline as well as links to patient information resources.

The content is mapped to the relevant KSF dimensions that apply to this learning and members are encouraged to record their learning in their e-Portfolio.

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