Information on some of the currently available courses can be found below.  Courses within the UK vary in the subject focus, participant audience and level of study.  There is currently no ‘baseline standard for IPC education or training.  If you would like to submit information on other courses please contact ipc@rcn.org.uk with relevant information. Please note that educational courses are listed on this page for information purposes only; they are not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by the RCN.

Healthcare Associated Infection Control MSc/PG Dip, University College London

Developed by the University College London (UCL) in association with the Healthcare Infection Society, this is a distance-learning modular course that includes a virtual learning environment, web-based lectures, personal tutor and a virtual library. It also includes two renowned short courses (Foundation and Engineering aspects)

Find out more about the course or contact sangita.patel@ucl.ac.uk

Health Protection PG Dip, London South Bank University

Protecting the health of the public by reducing the effects of communicable diseases and non-communicable environmental hazards has emerged as a distinct area of practice. This course equips practitioners with the knowledge and skills to respond to current and potential threats, including population aspects of health emergency planning. It focuses on reducing risk and managing problems arising from communicable diseases, including strategies for their prevention, surveillance and control. The monitoring and investigation of environmental hazards, and major incident planning are also covered.  Please go to the University website for more information.

Management of Healthcare Associated Infection, University of Greenwich

This short master’s level course on the management of health care associated infection introduces the student to the interactions between the patient, microbes and relevant factors in the health care environment. It also provides the opportunity to integrate knowledge into practice by utilising the expertise of the infection control team in preventing and controlling health care associated infections. The course is delivered online over the course of 12 weeks. For more information, please go to the University of Greenwich website or contact biomed@gre.ac.uk.

Infection Prevention and Control MSc/PGDip/PGCert, Oxford Brookes University

This Master’s course is open to all UK, EU and international health care and health-related professionals, who require a deeper knowledge of all aspects of infection prevention and control, in both clinical and public health work. This is a taught course using a blended learning approach.  Information on the course and entry can be found from the University website 

Advanced Practice in Healthcare - Infection Control MSc, Swansea University

This part-time postgraduate degree was developed in conjunction with the NHS. It is designed to equip health care professionals with the skills to lead innovative infection control practice. For more information go to the University website

PGCert Infection Prevention and Control, Swansea University

This is a one year part time course.  More information is available at the University website

BSc Infection: Prevention and Control (top up, distance learning) University of Dundee

This is part-time, distance learning multi-disciplinary programme currently subject to final approval. Contact e.burnett@dundee.ac.uk for more information or the University website 

University of Essex

The University of Essex offers a number of courses on infection control:

For further information on all three courses go the University of Essex website

Infection Prevention and Control MSc, University of the Highlands and Islands 

This course may be undertaken on a part time basis and through online learning.  More information can be found at the University website