Wipe it out

Wipe it out was launched in 2005 to support RCN members' contributions in reducing health care associated infections (HCAIs), particularly MRSA, and to act as a focal point for political lobbying on related issues.

Wipe it out is now no longer an active campaign, however the strapline has been maintained as a focus for the overarching RCN activity to reduce HCAIs and improve patient care.

Current work in infection prevention and control

The RCN continues to work to improve infection prevention and control in collaboration with members and stakeholders. Our current emphasis is focused on interactive work to identify contemporary issues pertinent to nursing, and using these to form priorities for 2013-15. This activity acknowledges the current pressures associated with changes within the NHS in England and associated clinical priorities within the quality and safety landscape.  

We continue to engage with the international commnuity, through presentations in European countries and are working to contribute to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control project, Implementation of a training strategy for infection control in the European Union.

RCN guidance

The RCN has produced a number of publications and resources relating to infection prevention and control.