NICE gateway - implementing guidance

This page signposts a number of resources from NICE and from the RCN which provide support for the implementation of guidance.

See also examples of how guidelines are being implemented at stories from nurses.


Find guidance
This can be searched via topics or type of guidance. Implementation tools are published with clinical guidelines and public health guidance.

Public involvement
NICE produce versions of all of their guidance for patients, carers and the public, which are listed with the relevant guidance documents. This page also has a search mechanism which finds these versions along with associated documents.

Into practice
This section describes a range of free tools made available on the NICE website to help with putting guidance into practice. This includes costing templates, clinical audit tools, commissioning guides, ‘how to’ guides and guidance specific information. View also Local practice collection.

NICE pathways
NICE pathways is an online tool for health and social care professionals that brings together all related NICE guidance and associated products in a set of interactive topic-based diagrams providing a visual representation of what NICE has said on a particular topic.

NICE standards and indicators
NICE quality standards are a concise set of statements designed to drive and measure priority quality improvements within a particular area of care. They are derived from the best available evidence such as NICE guidance and other evidence sources accredited by NICE. Quality standards for social care focus on the services and interventions to support the social care needs of service users.


RCN Learning Zone

Learning opportunities have been developed for nurses and health care assistants around specific guidelines. These provide learning which is intended to help with understanding of the subject of the guideline and to support implementation of key recommendations. They are available within the clinical skills section of the Learning Zone [you will need your RCN membership number to access these].

The learning areas relevant to guidelines are:

The RCN Learning Zone also provides learning opportunities on many other topics which are relevant to guideline implementation. Topics within the clinical skills section include dignity, information disclosure, nutrition and telehealth. Topics within personal skills include team effectiveness, communication tools, and leadership. For more information visit: RCN Learning Zone.

Nursing practice issues

Within this section of the RCN website there are online resources which have been developed around a number of clinical guidelines and which compliment the learning areas described above.

Resources supporting specific guidelines

These resources provide downloadable copies of the guidelines and related documents, highlight the key findings within the guideline and the guideline recommendations, and provide resources to support the implementation of these recommendations.

Resources linked to specific guidelines are:

For information about clinical guidelines developed by the RCN in collaboration with a range of stakeholders including those developed with NICE see clinical guidelines.

Other online resources

There are also online resources which will help with broader issues that impact on how guidance is implemented for example:

For more information visit: Nursing practice issues.

Forums and nursing communities

Forums are groups of RCN members working in a similar nursing specialty or with like interests. They provide a way in which members can develop their knowledge and skills and share ideas and experience. Each forum has its own online community and an area within the RCN Discussion Zone. Visit: Nursing communities.

This page was last reviewed 5 February 2015.