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The site is designed to introduce you to a broad range of activity relating to social inclusion. It looks in greater detail at what inclusive practice means in nursing.

Since the development of the principles of inclusive practice, the RCN has published the Principles of Nursing Practice which describe what everyone can expect from nursing practice whatever the setting or context.  Inclusive practice is implicit in all of these Principles – see Principles of Nursing Practice.

However the more specific statements in the principles of inclusive practice can be helpful in providing further thinking and ideas on what needs to be considered to enhance socially inclusive practice in the delivery of nursing care. This is particularly so when dealing with vulnerable groups who may be more likely to be socially excluded and, as a result, have poor health and limited access to services appropriate to their needs - see inclusive practice.

The resource covers the social inclusion agenda in each of the four UK countries and currently has areas devoted to the following groups of people:

Each of these areas includes the following information.

  • There are sections on the policies affecting these groups and guidance and tools designed to help implement them.
  • You will also find a listing of agencies that work alongside these groups, often in partnership with them.
  • You can get an insight into the efforts being made through good practice examples. Some of these have been taken from the growing literature on the subject while others have been kindly submitted by practitioners in the field.
  • You will also hear from the vulnerable groups themselves in the voices sections.

We would welcome submissions about your own project or service. For further details please visit your good practice examples.

We would also like to hear your thoughts about this resource. Please email your ideas to: qualityandsafety@rcn.org.uk.

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