Spirituality logoSpirituality in nursing care: online resource introduction

In 2010 the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) surveyed its members about spirituality and spiritual care. Following the survey, the RCN established the Spirituality Task and Finish Group, which developed the Spirituality in nursing care pocket guide.

The resource expands upon the spirituality pocket guide and has been created to enable nursing staff to develop their knowledge and understanding of spirituality and spiritual care. It will be of use to all health care professionals, allowing them to engage with and address important questions about the spiritual aspect of care. It provides an introduction to the concepts of spirituality and spiritual care and is designed to enable you to explore these concepts at your own pace. If you want to further your knowledge and understanding in this area then you can follow the links to additional resources.

Please take the time to explore the online resource:

1. Spirituality and nursing care in the media

2. Spirituality survey

3. The spiritual aspect of care

4. What spirituality is and is not

5. Providing spiritual care: being and doing

6. Personal and professional boundaries

7. References and further reading

8. Additional resources

9. RCN Spirituality Task and Finish Group

10. Acknowledgments