Spirituality logoPersonal and professional boundaries

At this stage you are probably starting to appreciate that spirituality can have a range of meanings and that people may have diverse understandings of the concept, depending upon their own world view. One’s world view may be shaped and influenced by such things as culture, religion, ethnicity, and race and ultimately the society in which we live.

The UK is no longer mono-cultural but is multi-cultural, and during the course of their practice nurses may encounter and engage with individuals from diverse cultures, religions and ethnic groups. It could therefore be said that nurses working across all sectors and with all client groups are in a position of power, influence and ultimately trust.

In recent years nurses have been in the headlines for a whole range of reasons - good and bad - but one headline in particular brings into question the relationship between personal belief and professional practice. The Telegraph (2009) reports a nurse who was suspended for offering to pray for an elderly patient’s recovery

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