Spirituality logoProviding spiritual care: being and doing

Having looked at what spirituality is and is not, in this section spiritual care is explored.

Spiritual care has been defined as: ‘That care which recognises and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health or sadness and can include the need for meaning, for self worth, to express oneself, for faith support, perhaps for rites or prayer or sacrament, or simply for a sensitive listener. Spiritual care begins with encouraging human contact in compassionate relationship, and moves in whatever direction need requires.’ Spiritual care matters, NHS Education for Scotland (2009).


Take a look at what two nurses who responded to the RCN survey had to say about spiritual care:

Reflective questions:

It may be helpful to explore spiritual care further by asking the following questions:

Reference: NHS Education for Scotland (2009) Spiritual care matters: an introductory resource for all NHS Scotland staff, Edinburgh, NES 

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