Fortnightly electronic bulletin - submission for inclusion

The fortnightly electronic bulletin is a short digest of all that is new in the world of nursing research and innovation. Of course it is only as comprehensive as the information we receive, and we welcome input from anyone who would like to impart information to a wider nursing R&I audience. Below you will find some general criteria to help you decide how to best submit your item. We hope you understand that we cannot guarantee to include every item of news that is submitted, particularly regarding potential conflicts of interest with the RCN, although we do our very best.

As a general rule, all items accepted for inclusion will be included in ONE issue of the e-bulletin; in addition, it will be placed in the Latest News section of our website for the entire time it is relevant. If you want your item listed in multiple issues of the e-bulletin, you may want to consider our advertising option.

The fortnightly electronic bulletin is loosely based on the following headings, but we are happy to receive requests to disseminate information on any topic that you feel would be of interest to our readership.  Please send your news or feature idea to the Editor, Gabrielle Levy, by email at gabrielle.levy@rcn.org.uk,  

RCN news

This heading contains RCN news and information

RCN Research Society

This heading contains information about the RCN Research Society, including the annual international nursing research conference, publications, local events, the Winifred Raphael Memorial Lecture (WRML), and Research Society involvement at RCN Congress.

Career development opportunities

This section, whilst not intending to be comprehensive, will give details of job opportunities, fellowships/scholarships and research-specific training opportunities. Occasionally, professional organizations and funding bodies request nominations for peer reviewers and membership of scientific boards, and these requests are listed in this section too.

Research funding

This section promotes funding opportunities of all descriptions. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Current research commissions
  2. Grants
  3. Projects
  4. Prizes
  5. Bursaries
  6. Travel Awards
  7. Seminars/Conferences
  8. General
  9. Small Scholarships/Fellowships

Research in progress

A classic example of an entry in this section would be the research team that is looking for evidence, and wants to search the so-called "grey literature"; research that is being conducted, and hasn't been reported in any of the usual dissemination channels. You may also like to know we have a specific section on academic institutes and their current research interests. As a general rule, we are unable to include in the bulletin survey requests for research that is being undertaken as part of postgraduate study.


This section contains information about diary dates of interest to nurse researchers. These can be major international conferences down to local seminars and lectures.


This page was last reviewed 2 September 2015.