Innovations in practice - good practice examples

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, and beside the RCN's lightbulb innovations, there are many organisations which highlight examples of nurse-led innovation. Please find below a growing list of these.


Department of Health - Energise for Excellence in Care (E4E). E4E is a quality framework for nursing and midwifery that aims to support the delivery of safe and effective care, creating positive patient and staff experiences that build-in momentum and sustainability; this is underpinned by 'social movement thinking' principles.  

Foundation of Nursing Studies Centre for Nursing Innovation. The FoNS library has over 60 reports written by clinical nurses about the innovations they have developed.

High Impact Actions for Nursing and Midwifery, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. The High Impact Actions for Nursing and Midwifery were developed following a 'call for action' which asked frontline staff to submit examples of high quality and cost effective care that, if adopted widely across the NHS, would make a transformational difference. Nurses and midwives responded by submitting more than 600 examples in less than three weeks. The Essential Collection aims to highlight just some of the stories behind those submissions by providing details not only of what was done, but also 'how they did it'. These examples are intended to provide illustrations of good practice which you may not already have seen. Most importantly they are examples of how real people have made a real difference.

Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan have built up a unique body of evidence of the most effective service delivery models, examples of good practice and research into the needs of people affected by cancer. They want to use this evidence and experience to help current and potential partners make decisions around commissioning or delivering services in a challenging climate of economic constraints and structural changes.

NHS Evidence - QIPP. QIPP is a collection of evidence to support quality and productivity at a local level. Launched in December 2009, the collection provides users with real examples of how staff are improving quality and productivity across the NHS and social care, and Cochrane topics drawn from systematic reviews by the Cochrane Collaboration that may help to inform local initiatives to address the quality and productivity challenge. The aim of the NHS Evidence - QIPP collection is to provoke thoughts, ideas and discussions about changes that can be made locally in the NHS.

Positive and Innovative Resources: A Mental Health Interactive Database (Scotland) (PIRAMHIDS). This national multi-disciplinary database holds information on examples of positive and innovative practice with regards to adult mental health services. This is inclusive of services provided to those between 16 and 65 years of age. PIRAMHIDS allows the sharing of good practice and provides access to innovations of others in mental health. Contributions and submissions from out with Scotland are welcomed and encouraged.

Queen's Nursing Institute - Innovation Centre. Since 1990 the QNI has funded projects across the whole range of community nursing specialties.

Regional Innovation Fund Tube Map. This map gives a visual summary of the 277 projects that the 10 Strategic Health Authorities of England funded through the RIFs in 2010 and 2011.


Innovation - reference material

Innovation has become a major buzzword in recent years, and many documents, policy and position statements, perspectives and opinion pieces from government, policy makers, think tanks, healthcare funders have been published. The following are merely a selection, that you may find of interest.