Practice Development

The utilisation of research is perhaps the most important part of the R&D process for nurses endeavouring to deliver evidence based practice. This field signposts visitors to organisations and databases which support knowledge utilisation.


RCN resources

Principles of nursing practice

The Principles describe what everyone can expect from nursing practice, whether colleagues, patients, their families or carers. The Principles were developed by the Royal College of Nursing in partnership with the Department of Health (England), the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and patient and service user organisations.

Website: Principles of nursing practice

RCN nursing communities

Communities are essentially social networking websites transferred to a professional environment. Your RCN nursing community might be:

  • one of the 35 RCN forum communities
  • a group of RCN members with a common nursing specialty
  • RCN members with a geographical grouping
  • a member group united by a common issue or campaign

Website: RCN Nursing communities


UK wide resources

England Centre for Practice Development

The Centre has a commitment to increase scholarly activities and research in practice development to improve patient and service user experiences of care. It is a partnership of international networks led by and based at Canterbury Christ Church University, and supported by members of the International Practice Development Collaborative (IPDC) including lead scholars, academics and practitioners in health and social care. Whether you are leading a practice development project, want to increase your skills in practice development|, or are interested in partnership working within practice and service development, we can support you for the benefit of your practice, the practice of others and ultimately patient care.

Website: England Centre for Practice Development

FoNS Centre for Nursing Innovation

In the Centre for Nursing Innovation you will find:

  • a Library of information about leading and facilitating innovation and change
  • a Learning Zone containing useful tools and resources
  • a Common Room where you can interact with others
  • Programmes of support, facilitation and funding

Website: FoNS Centre for Nursing Innovation

Research Councils UK (RCUK): Knowledge Exchange and Impact

RCUK acknowledge that knowledge exchange encompasses complex and diverse activities which can deliver impact over varying timescales. The Research Councils are committed to continuing to work together to proactively provide a wide variety of accessible and flexible support mechanisms to generate economic and societal benefits from the excellent research, people and facilities they fund.

Website: Research Councils UK (RCUK): Knowledge Exchange and Impact


International sources

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) KT Clearinghouse

The KT Clearinghouse serves as the repository of Knowledge Translation resources for individuals who want to learn about the science and practice of KT, and access tools that facilitate their own KT research and practices

Website: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) KT Clearinghouse 

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

An independent, not-for-profit organization with a mandate to promote the use of evidence to strengthen the delivery of health services in Canada.

Website: Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

Knowledge Utilization Studies Programme (KUSP) - Canada

KUSP is a funded health research program focusing on nursing and the social sciences. One of our particular areas of focus has been research utilization in the nursing profession.

Website: Knowledge Utilization Studies Programme (KUSP)

Health Research Transfer Network of Alberta (RTNA)

The RTNA aims to:

  • Build Capacity of health professionals and researchers to engage in knowledge transfer
  • Foster partnerships and mentorships to contribute to knowledge transfer
  • Exchange knowledge and expertise on knowledge transfer with provincial and national organizations
  • Create a network of people interested and engaged in knowledge transfer

Website: Health Research Transfer Network of Alberta (RTNA)

Ontario Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Community of Practice (KTECOP)

The Ontario Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Community of Practice (KTECOP) is a network of KTE practitioners and researchers who share KTE practices and experience, build peer relationships for information exchange and support, build KTE capacity, advance knowledge of KTE effectiveness, and share KTE events, job opportunities and other related KTE activities.

Website: Ontario Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Community of Practice (KTECOP)