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Three research grants for 2014-2015 from Epilepsy Research UK

Published: 31 Jul 2014

Apply for a preliminary project, fellowship or full pilot grant to support scientific research into the causes, treatment, prevention and co-morbidities of epilepsy. Your proposal could come from across the whole spectrum of research. Closing date to apply is 26 September 2014.

Tell the Health Research Authority of your experiences in registration of clinical trials

Published: 31 Jul 2014

From September 2013, the registration of clinical trials in a publicly accessible database is a condition of a favourable opinion from the HRA's Research Ethics Committee. The HRA is looking for feedback on any barriers that researchers or sponsors met with when registering clinical trials. Respond by the end of July 2014.

The British Thyroid Foundation Research Award 2014

Published: 31 Jul 2014

This annual award supports one-year research projects into thyroid function or thyroid disorders; the 2014 award is for up to £20,000. You can use this award to supplement existing projects or to help get research ideas started. Closing date to apply is 31 August 2014.

HTA funding opportunities July 2014

Published: 30 Jul 2014

Theis programme funds research addressing specific problems identified by their panels and boards. The latest call looks for research proposals on improving the mental health of children and young people with long term conditions; treatment of first-time traumatic shoulder dislocation; fibre for uncomplicated symptomatic diverticular disease of the large bowel; prevention of parastomal hernia formation; minimally invasive autopsy for fetuses and children based on a combination of post-mortem MRI and endoscopic autopsy examination.Closing date to apply is 18 December 2014.

Seminar on applying to the NIHR Fellowship Programme at the University of Leicester

Published: 30 Jul 2014

This two-hour event, jointly run by the Research Design Service East Midlands, will offer advice and support to potential applicants to round eight of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) fellowship scheme that opens in autumn 2014, with a deadline of January 2015.

NICE - published guidance July 2014

Published: 24 Jul 2014

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) develops guidance using the expertise of the NHS and the wider healthcare community. New guidance this month includes squamous dysplasia of the oesophagus; chronic kidney disease; constipation; melanoma; prostate cancer; acute coronary syndrome; Barrett's oesophagus; lipid modification.

Picturing Parkinsonís research image competition

Published: 22 Jul 2014

Parkinsonís are challenging UK-based researchers to give people affected by the condition a unique insight into their research using just an image and an engaging description. Whether you work with cells, fruit flies, data or people, get involved and help Parkinsonís create a full and vivid picture of current research. Closing date for entries is 1 September 2014.

Alzheimerís Society celebrates the impact of public involvement in research

Published: 22 Jul 2014

Alzheimerís Society published a booklet in July 2014 celebrating their research networkís many achievements since it began 15 years ago in 1999. Written by two founding network members, this report collected the thoughts of researchers, volunteers, external organisations and current/former staff.

Patients First programme calling for applications from innovative nurse-led teams

Published: 22 Jul 2014

The Foundation of Nursing Studies' (FoNS) partnership programme with the Burdett Trust for Nursing is looking for people with innovative ideas, who are keen to develop their own leadership/facilitation skills and who want to influence and develop person-centred practice. Apply by 9 September 2014.

NICE Eyes on Evidence July 2014

Published: 22 Jul 2014

NICE Eyes on Evidence - providing easy access to a comprehensive evidence base for everyone in health and social care who takes decisions about treatments or the use of resources. Reports in the July 2014 issue of the monthly bulletin includes antipyretic therapy for children with fever; school environments and student health; physiotherapy in Parkinson's disease; cognitive behavioural therapy for health anxiety.

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