72. Undernourishment in the hospital (226)

Ana López, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Docencia, Hospital Santa Maria, Lleida, Spain
Co authors:  Antonieta Bernadi & Teresa Cortés



Wretlind (1920-2003), one of the pioneers of the intravenous nutrition said “the undernourishment in the towns is a poverty sign; in the hospitals it is an ignorance sign”. This affirmation is the one that has motivated us to initiate a study on the hospital nutrition in our hospital. In the studies reviewed between 30% and 55% of the patients which entered the hospitals undergo undernourishment as a result of the hospitalization by itself, the organization of the own hospital and/or a bad professional praxis.


To know if the patients who enter the medicine unit of the Hospital Santa Maria de Lleida undergo undernourishment during their hospital stay.


Longitudinal descriptive study.


6 months


All the patients who enter with a hospital stay superior to 72 hours. Registry of initial data in the hospital admission and discharge (sex, age, diagnosis, chronic pathology, social, variable conditions related to its feeding, index of Barthel and stay). Nutricional evaluation in the hospital admission and discharge (weight, height, plasmatic albumin, lymphocytes, arm circumference, tricipital fold, nutritional diagnosis). Data processing; SPSS 12.0. Results and conclusions: Study in course. Provisional analysis (85 cases): The 49,4% of the studied patients are men, the 30,3% belongs to the service of cardiology, the 30,3% to neumology, the 22,7% to digestive and the 16,7% to internal medicine. Considering an average age of 76,9 years (SD 14,3) the prevalence of undernourishment at hospital admission is 77,3%. We’ve detected a nutricional worsening in the 18,2% of the patients. It exists Statistical significant association between the hospital undernourishment and the chronic respiratory pathology.

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