This page forms part of the RCN 2011 research conference resource, published in 2011, and is preserved as an historical document for reference purposes only. Some information contained within it may no longer refer to current practice.



Dragon's Den for Researchers

Breakfast Session, 08.30 - 09.30, Main Auditorium, Wednesday 18 May 2011

In these times of financial austerity never has it been more important for researchers to be able to demonstrate their entrepreneurial credentials. Research is not only about good ideas, robust science, and high impact publications it is about selling ideas and for nurses translating research into improving care. Funding bodies what to know about the potential impact of their investment as well as the quality of the science.

In recognition of this new world, the Research Society, drawing on the popular TV programme Dragon's Den,  introduces into the conference programme for the first time in 2011 our own Dragon's Den for Researchers. Like all good institutions  Dragon's Den has rules - the pitch, question and answers, opting 'out', offer of investment, and the deal.  These rules will provide the architecture for a spirited battle for funding.

Facing a formidable panel, including an international researcher (Professor Margaret Harrison), patient champion (Roswyn Hakesley-Brown), entrepreneur (Susan Hamer) and an editor (Professor Roger Watson), four entrepreneur researchers (Julie Taylor, Andrea Nelson, Laura Serrant-Green, Martin Johnson) will present a bid for interrogation and our panelists will decide whether they wish to invest.

Rhonda Oliver, Managing Director of RCN Publishing Company, will introduce panelists and interview our researcher entrepreneurs.

The event is sponsored by Nursing Standard and Nurse Researcher, and has been organised by the RCN 2011 Local Organising Committee