This page forms part of the RCN 2012 research conference resource, published in 2012, and is preserved as an historical document for reference purposes only. Some information contained within it may no longer refer to current practice.

Fringe programme

Monday 23 April 2012

Welcome to the conference: the RCN Research Society Steering Committee

Presenters: Ruth Northway, Annie Topping, Michael Traynor, Laura Serrant-Green, Julie Taylor, Tanya McCance, Dave O'Carroll, Ann McMahon

Time: 13.30 - 14.20

Ruth Northway introduced members of the Research Society Steering Committee and RCN Research and Innovation Team to delegates in this cafe style fringe, and the topics which are currently being taken forward by the Research Society. Each Steering Committee member spoke for 2 minutes on their chosen topic, at which point the fringe broke up into groups, allowing delegates to contribute to a topic of interest.

  1. The Clinical Research Nurse workforce (Ruth)
  2. First time conference attendees (Julie)
  3. International delegates (Laura)
  4. The RCN Research Society annual international nursing research conference (Dave)
  5. Capacity and capability building including clinical academic careers (Tanya)
  6. Doctoral students (Annie)
  7. Social research (Michael)
  8. Nursing influence in health and social care research (Ann)

Unable to attend? Fear not, and send us any ideas you have on the above topics to research.innovation@rcn.org.uk.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

An audience with RCN Chief Executive and General Secretary Dr Peter Carter

Presenters: Peter Carter, Michael Traynor

Time: 12.35 - 13.35

Dr Carter was interviewed by Professor Michael Traynor, chair of the RCN 2012 research conference local organising committee and the Trevor Clay Professor of Nursing, Middlesex University. He talked about pay, pensions, job cuts and nursing's public image in the media.  

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Working with the media to increase the impact of your research

Presenters: Fiona Johnson, Neil Gadhok

Time: 13.10 - 13.50

Sharing innovation and good practice is one of the enduring challenges facing many professions. This session will explore the benefits of using the media as a channel to disseminate research findings.

In this session, Fiona Johnson, Director of Communications, Royal College of Nursing and Neil Gadhok, Senior Media Officer, will explore:

  • Whether there is an ethical imperative to share research news
  • The benefits and pitfalls involved
  • The role of specialist and generalist press in reaching your audiences.

Raising your research's profile through traditional and social media can help influence debate, widen knowledge to those outside your area of expertise and increase opportunities to get funding.  Preparation is vital to a successful media interview or use of Twitter or blogging; decide what messages you need for specialist media and if you need to translate these into more easily understandable ones for general media.