Join the RCN

There are three ways that you can join the RCN:

  • join the RCN online
  • telephone RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100 and choose option one - membership
  • download the appropriate RCN membership form from the list below and return it to us at RCN, New Members, FREEPOST WD2215, Cardiff CF23 8XG.

Regulations covering eligibility for RCN membership, the membership categories, the different payment plans and associated governance rights are set out in the RCN Definitions of Membership (PDF 120KB) document, which is approved by RCN Council.

Student membership application form (PDF 552KB)
Nurse membership application form (PDF 553KB) (including midwives)
Health practitioner (such as health care assistants and assistant practitioners) application form (PDF 553KB)

See how to access PDF files.

How to pay for RCN membership

You can pay:

  • monthly or annually by Direct Debit
  • annually by credit card or debit card
  • annually by cheque.

What are the benefits of paying for your membership by Direct Debit?

  • You need only set up your payment once, with payment then continuing until we are otherwise directed by you or your bank. If your payment fails for any reason, we will inform you in writing. You are also covered by the Direct Debit guarantee if there are ever any problems with payment.
  • Paying for your membership via monthly Direct Debit option allows you to spread the cost of membership across 12 monthly payments rather than making a single annual payment.

Note that if in addition to subscribing to your membership via Direct Debit you also subscribe to an RCN Publishing journal via Direct Debit from the same account, your membership and journal payments will be combined into a single debit payment  from your account. This will appear as a single line on your bank statement.

What are the benefits of RCN membership?