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The payment plan for those who wish to be part of both the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and the RCN.

Eligibility criteria required and exclusions

Nurse members are on the register of persons engaged in nursing, and whose names have not been removed from that register for reason of misconduct, so: anyone with a nursing, midwifery or health visitor qualification registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). The registration may be live or lapsed. The key is that they are 'on' the register.

Full RCM members can take out RCN/RCM joint membership. Anyone not in full membership of the RCM is excluded.

The current status of NMC registration, whether it is an active or a lapsed registration is irrelevant.

Members who have been removed from the NMC register will be advised in writing that they can no longer remain in membership, and their membership will be terminated with immediate effect.

Please note: fully qualified midwives are eligible to be full member of the RCN only if they wish. 

Period of availability

The period of availability is ongoing, or until the member meets the criteria for and wishes to transfer to an alternative payment plan.

Membership subscription

Annual rate: £98.43 (£78.74 after tax relief*)
Monthly rate: £8.20 (£6.56 after tax relief*)

* tax relief may vary depending on the tax situation of each member

Members can save money on their membership by claiming tax relief. Find out how.

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Members on the Joint RCM payment plan receive their indemnity cover and employment support from the RCM.