Nearly 1 in 5 children admitted to a UK children's hospital are at risk of malnutrition (McCarthy H (2008) Personal communication from author). According to the RCN, nurses have a key role in the nutritional screening of children. (Malnutrition: What nurses working with children and young people need to know and do. An RCN position statement. April 2006)

STAMP (Screening Tool for the Assessment of Malnutrition in Paediatrics) is the first validated nutrition screening tool for children in the UK.
STAMP is a nurse administered tool that is quick and easy to use. It has been shown to be reliable in children admitted to hospital aged 2-16 years. Further studies are planned to demonstrate statistical validity in younger age groups and in the community setting.
STAMP and supporting resources are available for downloading from the website, with additional resources (including a training pack) available soon.