Protected mealtimes

Hammond, P. and National Health Service (2003) Protected mealtimes: full instructional information for implementing 'protected mealtimes' on your ward, London: NHS.  (CD-rom)

The CD-rom is a toolkit to help staff with the implementation of Protected Mealtimes within their clinical areas and is intended to be both a practical and educational resource. The toolkit consists of:

  • video presentation lasting approx 12 minutes
  • observation audit tool
  • top tips to implementation
  • implementation checklist
  • references
  • a powerpoint presentation
  • ward poster

The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has identified poor nutrition as a patient safety issue and believes protected mealtimes have the potential to improve patient safety by "ensuring patients receive the right meal at the right time with the right amount of help". The agency has published Tips from Frontline Staff on Making Protected Mealtimes Work. You can download this A4 document (PDF 40KB) [see how to access PDFs].

Visit the NPSA website for more information on protected mealtimes and to order the CD-rom.

RCN members may also borrow the Protected mealtimes CD-rom from RCN Library and Information Services www.rcn.org.uk/library 
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